Custom Solutions

At ARC Technologies, A Hexcel Company, we have many ways to satisfy your problems with multiple ways of applying our product; we can customize a solution specifically for you!

We can:

cs-moldMold It
ARC Technologies, A Hexcel Company, blends thermoplastics with fillers to create custom solutions for your EMI shielding and absorbing needs. ARC Technologies can manufacture thermoplastics that can be molded to customer specifications.
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cs-spraySpray it
Our spray systems combine our advanced filler technology with resins to create custom paintable absorber solutions.
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cs-castCast it
ARC Technologies has the capability to cast our thermoplastics material for better production performance.
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cs-extrudeExtrude It
Our Thermoplastics make it easy to extrude our material with the right amount of loadings to satisfy your EMI needs.
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cs-shapeShape It
Water jet
Die cut
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