Electroless Plating and Conductive Products

Metal Plating
As industry leaders, ARC Technologies, Inc. is always striving to be on the forefront in EMI Shielding and Absorbing products. As part of those efforts, we are proud to offer our ultra-high capacity Electroless Copper plating line.

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Electroless Plating – Copper:
Staying ahead of today’s technologies, ARC Technologies, Inc. has installed an ultra-high capacity electroless copper plating line. Our versatile system is designed to deposit up to an average 2-3 µm (80-120 µ-inches) layer of pure, smooth, dense, and uniform copper in one hour. Various stabilizers and components can be used to customize the system to operate successfully for a broad range of processing applications. This capability serves EMI Shielding needs in the Defense, Automotive, and Consumer Wireless markets.

Though the overall practice of electroless plating is not new, it is the partnership with our suppliers that has enables ARC Technologies to create custom bath chemistry to meet various market needs. The nature of these baths along with the sequence and idle time in each bath allows for metal to precipitate at a constant rate and with consistent coverage onto a given part or parts. With this process we can do a wide range of materials including plating on plastics (PoP) and composite substrates. Because this process does not rely upon electricity (hence being electroless), the copper metal adheres to the surface evenly.

  • We can do plastics and composites
  • We do electroless plating of copper metal only
  • Tank size is Approximately 10’ x 8’ x 1.5’ (3.05m x 2.44m x 0.46m)
  • Each tank capacity is approx. 1000 gallons (~3800 liters)
  • We do not use toxic Chromic Acid in our plating process
  • We have the largest tanks in the North East (U.S.)
Conductive Copper Spray
copper spray picConductive Sheets
All ARC polymer systems are available as conductive sheet goods, injection-molded parts, or cast-to-size solutions for your EMI Shielding and Absorbing needs.

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