When Daniel P. Healey, Jr. established ARC Technologies in 1988, his vision was clear, focus on the customer’s needs and create a truly superior microwave absorber and composite materials company. Through Dan’s vision, ARC Technologies has dedicated itself to:


Today,  ARC Technologies has over 200,000 square ft. of research, design, manufacturing, and office space in Amesbury, MA. ARC Technologies comprises of five focus factories that are responsible for each of ARC Technologies major product lines:

  • MAGRAM/Dielectric Materials
  • Composites
  • Advanced Materials
  • Wave-X
  • Thermoplastic

This approach to manufacturing has created a teamwork atmosphere and an effective exchange of knowledge that improves efficiency and best supports the customer.

ARC Technologies leverages the experience of strong technical teams from each focus factory to design solutions to your interference problems. Engineering disciplines include: * Microwave * Radar, EMI/EMC * Polymer Science * Production Processes.

Our experience and capabilities in the area of compression molded elastomers and our in-house rubber milling operation make us the only fully integrated MAGRAM manufacturer in the US. ARC Technologies Syntactic Foam products, consisting of both tailored dielectric and controlled loss versions, have gained widespread acceptance for use in aircraft, space and antenna applications.

ARC Technologies offers a complete range of absorber products that provide solutions to the diverse problems facing today’s Military, Aerospace and Commercial Electronics design engineers. Whether you are facing problems at 50 MHz or 100 GHz, nearfield or farfield, narrowband or broadband, ARC Technologies has a product or will develop an application specific product to meet your specifications.

Please detail your requirement by clicking here. One of our Applications Engineers will contact you to propose a solution. We look forward to working with you.