Hot Melt Absorber

hot melt 1 At ARC Technologies, we have the ability to develop innovative solutions to address today’s interference problems in our Research and Development Labs as well as produce these solutions cost effectively on our manufacturing floor. We have developed many different product form factors using our specialty fillers that absorb microwave and RF waves to allow your application to work properly.

Product Overview

Our latest product is the Hot Melt Absorber. Developed by our R&D team, this product gives the customer a very simple and fast way to apply absorber in their own facility, to a surface that requires noise suppression, for example a PCB. With any heat gun that reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit, the customer can apply this product. Different hot melt products are available depending on application and frequency requirement:

HM20001 to 18 GHz Magnetic Absorber HM2000 is ideal for high frequency applications, such as connectors, wiring, chips, etc., that require superior near-field EMI attenuation from 1-18 GHz.

HM3000UHF Band Magnetic Absorber HM3000 was designed for low frequency EM radiation applications and is useful when suppressing noise from transformers, switching power supplies, and other VHF and UHF radiators.

HM5000Hot Melt Shielding Solution HM5000 is a conductive hot melt shielding solution that is ideal as a direct replacement for potting and encapsulation compounds.

When to Use:

This product can be used in any phase of the building process of your application, but may be especially helpful in the testing and design phase. The simplicity of this solution makes it an attractive way to solve EMI issues. You can buy this product in stick form that can be placed right into a glue gun (see demo video below), or in pellet form to be thermoformed.