At ARC Technologies we manufacture products that can enhance the accuracy of your RFID tracking systems. RF interference can cause RFID readers to fail or pick up other unwanted signals. Without a properly working system, the tracking technology you rely on to run your business is insecure. We have developed a “tag pad” that is placed between the metal interfering surface and the RFID tag. Watch YouTube video below for a demo on how the RFID tag pad works. Our materials are injected with our state of the art fillers and absorb interfering signals to improve RFID signal integrity for a stronger and more accurate reading.

RFID Isolation Curtains and Absorbers
We have developed RF absorbing curtains and blankets that will prevent crosstalk between an RFID tunnel and its surroundings. This blanket-like textile material can line an RFID tunnel or chamber to prevent RF reflections and interference. This material effectively prevents leakage of RFID signals and enhances accuracy. These products are custom produced for your specific area and application.

Our materials can improve your RFID application in many ways:

  • Enhance Tag Performance
  • Portal Lining
  • Assure Accurate Read
  • Enhance Read Accuracy
  • Maximize Range

If you are having problems with your RFID system, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can develop a solution that works specifically for your application.