The WAVE-X Brand
As ARC expanded into an increasing variety of commercial and defense markets, it became clear that to serve our customers working anywhere from 5 MHz to 110 GHz, we would need to zero in on a unique formula for near-field microwave and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) challenges. This would need to be offered in various form factors to effectively serve our customers.

The Wave-X family offers a wide variety of solutions for near-field absorption:

wavemain_sheetsWAVE-X SHEETS
WX sheets are available in thicknesses of 0.005″ to 0.040″ and can be formed, cut, and stacked.
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wavemain_zWAVE-X Z
Wave-X Z EMI/RF absorbing cable coating consists of Wave-X extruded directly onto the cable eliminating the need for ferrite chokes.
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wavemain_zWAVE-X WT
WT is a blend of Wave-X and thermoplastics that can be molded in 3D and is available in pellet form.
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